Why I Bother To Write At All

Writing is just a means to convey what’s inside my Inner CHILD, my subconscious. When there’s nothing to say, I don’t write, but that never happens ‘cos there’s always traffic flowing between my CHILD and my conscious self.

We are all social animals that need to be among others. Some of us are loners, yes, but the vast majority need human and animal contact.

I can’t always be around peeps, b’cuz I am socially awkward and shy, having suffered from anxiety and depression for years. There are times when I need the warmth of a human, not some virtual “friend” on Facebook. [No offense to my Facebook friends!]

When I feel that need, I go to outdoor markets on weekends, a small theatre show, comedy act, or just wander around whatever town or city I am in at the moment. I travel a lot so it could be New Orleans, LA, NYC, Miami, etc.

When I can’t find good human contact, I write.

And when I write, whatever it may be, I am writing a love letter.


I am up in your pretty face, smelling your essence, listening to your stories, and sharing mine. Even if it’s a chapter in a book, it’s a missive to YOU!

No other way to put it.

I love you all!