Advance Praise for My Novel WTF, Dorkus! Schoolin’ My Shrink On Teen Suicide

My quirky new novel about love and suicide is now on, a popular platform for professionals in the media and also for serious book readers and reviewers. To download a FREE ebook to read and review, please visit the main page and sign up for a free account. When you’re up and running, you can click here to go to my novel’s dedicated page, then download the ebook, read and enjoy. When done, I kindly ask that you leave an honest review to inform the world about your experience. Here’s what people are saying:

“Tripsy South is definitely off the chain, a sizzling biohazard who writes with intoxicating hilarity!”
—SallyAnn T.

Wtf, Tripsy?!
This book had me speared through the heart. As a person with mental illness that flirted and dabbled with suicide in my teenage years, I cried and felt stabbed by the chapters of this book. 
It is real, intensely real. It feels so real, that even though Tripsy writes that it’s a work of fiction, part of me doubts that, because for many of us during teenagehood, we are Tripsy and reading this novel is like feeling a war cry rattle through your bones. 
It’s furious, and funny, and heartbreaking. It’s maddening and blurs the lines between reality and fiction.
I cried as I was hurt all over again, but they were tears of catharsis. 
This book belongs in every library, in every ya [Young Adult] section, in every adult section. It might be fiction, but the meat of the topics within are most definitely not. 
Tight and raw writing, highly recommended to pretty much anyone.
—Corinne C. (from

“Dear Tripsy, Thanks for sending WTF, DORKUS! Such a smart, funny, surprising, original read—it shows you for the scholar/empath/wit/chameleonic (rangey) entertainer you are.”
—Dinah L.

“Tripsy is a dynamic character: smart, cheeky and poetically sarcastic. Young women will relate to her perception of the world and enjoy her strong and contrary disposition. South knows and understands her characters. Without apology, she tosses you headfirst into the turmoil of the protagonist. Her analogies describing a child’s perception of time are spot on and something every parent, child and therapist should read . . . Overall, a good story with a lot of heart.”
—Ellwyn A.

“Here are some keen observations by the character Dr. Jon Moore – “…your resistance will provide science a system to check its progress.” Then, at the beginning of Chapter 4, I see “Our so called self wishes this were not the case, and often goes to great lengths to fool us into feeling otherwise.” “…which is the ultimate way to free oneself from intense, chronic pain, imaginary or not.” “…young folks tend to see horrible pain as never ending.” And “As I suggested above, since behavior and chemistry are intimately associated, it’s possible to reverse ‘bad’ chemistry by changing certain behaviors.” Bam! Bam! Bam! The author has obviously done her homework! Good character development, too; I can tell who it is talking just by what the character is saying. Serious science mixed with humor is a good blend here. 
—Shakywheelbarrow (from

“Tripsy takes you on a wild ride through her every thought, as it comes to her mind, it comes out of her mouth . . . immediately! Actually, this book has a surprise ending! I was tempted to skip to the end of the book but something told me to enjoy the “wild ride”! What a great surprise! I learned many things by waiting until the end! My Results: THINGS ARE NOT ALWAYS AS THEY SEEM! The world is filled with colorful imaginative people! EVERYONE has something to offer: LISTEN, AND I WILL LEARN. The author has the gift of DEPTH and PERCEPTION that puts the message of the black letters on the white paper! Two thumbs up!”
—God’s Friend (from