Are Destiny and Free Will Mutually Exclusive?

Are destiny and free will mutually exclusive?

The short answer: no.

The long answer: both co-exist in your life, a paradox just waiting to be discovered.

How is this possible?

Destiny is a series of predetermined events in your future. It is written somewhere in stone and cannot be edited, because of intractable Universal laws I will discuss in a later article.

At the time of conception, when your Mom’s and Dad’s DNA fuse together to produce The New You, a special Universal celestiophysical force acts upon that new fusion and imprints it indelibly with a Map of Destiny that is specific to you and you only. Unless you were an impatient child who couldn’t wait the full term, you were “born” nine months later and were slapped on the ass, registered as a product of a corporation, and given a Social Security number and special code on a birth certificate.

You also were labeled, according to an inaccurate astrological chart, as a Sagittarius or Pisces or [Fill in the blank].

About that astrological label

It is off by nine months. Modern astrological charts are inaccurate and misleading. What’s worse is that they do represent something special and unique in the Universe, but their meaning and purpose has been hijacked over the millennia by powerful people who sought to deceive all of us. “Astrology” (a branch of celestiophysics) was the first real science on Planet Earth, but was quickly relegated to the back pages of parchment scriptures, broadsheets, newspapers, magazines, etc. as a joke.

Actually, if you are currently a Sagittarius, born on 26 November, to get your accurate astrological label, you need to subtract nine months or add three months. So, I am actually a Pisces, because the Universe imprinted my Map of Destiny sometime around conception when I was handed my very own DNA.

Why am I discussing this so-called woo-woo New Age stuff and why should you care about it?

Because it is real and will assist you in determining who you really are and what your purpose is in this world.

You have a definite Map of Destiny that predetermines your path in life. Again, it is indelibly written in stone somewhere “out there.” But you also have an option that many do not realize: you can alight for points north or wherever and go “off-map,” thus venturing into unchartered territory.

And therein lies the answer to the question “Are destiny and free will mutually exclusive?”

No, they are not, because you can exercise free will to go off-map and discover new things about the world, your life and you. And make a helluva lotta mistakes (read: have grand adventures!). But then you can, and usually do, return to your Map of Destiny, which takes you on your prescribed course in life.

You are free to choose whether you stay on course, on your Map of Destiny, or steer or drop or rocket off-map. The choice is always yours. So how is it the majority of people who have this Universal power choose to stay on their Map of Destiny, the safe and predictable route?

The answer is in the question: because it is safe and predictable. Life is a scary event, day in and day out. We’re hit from all sides with too many choices that overwhelm us, so most just hunker down and stay on track. It’s the safe bet. But it’s not always the best one. Only you can decide what’s best for you and your purpose in life.

Follow my lead!

Me? I pitched my Map of Destiny a long time ago when I realized how much power I had and how much more I could learn from life by doing my own thing, always going against the grain of my prescribed stamp. I’ve “failed” miserably in everything I’ve done, and I’ve also learned much from those “mistakes.” I don’t call them mistakes at all. Instead, I have created lessons and have defined my own set of laws, rules, regulations, mandates and standards that are clearly outside the norm.

I have taken the freedom given to me by the Universe, not by some piece of paper written by a group of men I have never met, converted it to liberty, and have exercised my liberty to the fullest.

Freedom and liberty are not synonymous. Freedom is like having a million bucks and never spending it. It is merely a concept of independence on someone else’s piece of paper. Liberty, however, is freedom in motion. It is actually taking that million bucks outta the bank and spending it any way you wish.

If you examine closely the recent history of the terms freedom and liberty, you’ll discover that the powers that be have slowly replaced liberty with the term freedom, because they know the power of liberty over mere freedom. Sneaky bastards, they. I hope you will study the concepts further and see this for yourself.

My wish for you is that you exercise your Universal gift of liberty and go off-map sometime soon, and discover for yourself what the Universe and life here on Earth have to offer you. I promise you this, my friends, it is sooo much more than you could ever imagine. . . .


Tripsy South is the author of the novel WTF, Dorkus! Schoolin’ My Shrink On Teen Suicide. Trained in physics at a cool surfer university, she lives and plays in Los Angeles where she’s a freelance writer and editor.