What Are YOUR Expectations?

“All disappointments are due to unexpressed communications or unfulfilled expectations.”

—Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Let’s say you’re in a difficult job and the only thing keeping you there is the dream of a substantial raise.

What are your options to manifest that dream?

You could hope and pray your boss reads your mind (or some fresh tea leaves), and just awards you the raise. Yeah, that’s really happening.

Or you could make a tactical plan starting with expressing your wishes in a proposal that is accurate, brief and concise. Afterward, form some realistic expectations about the possible outcomes.

What you have done is so simple as to be simplistic. But it is far from simplistic. It is rich and powerful, and contains huge amounts of potential energy that, when released, will explode in a whole new world of vibrant colors, sights, sounds, smells and tastes beyond the imagination.

No, that is not merely fantasy, my friend. It is not only a formula to avoid disappointment, which is a waste of energy on any level. It is a recipe for success.

If you proactively communicate your desires, needs, wishes and expectations about your proposal to your boss, she will have a great deal of valuable information from and about you to arrive at her decision.

When she comes back with her answer, your list of possible expectations will likely include whatever her answer is.

And regardless of her decision, you are now prepared for the worst . . . and the best possible outcome.

The best news of all: this formula works for any situation in your life. It may take some tweaking here and there, but if your goal is valuable to you, then the energy you put into it will be worth all the effort.

Have you recently been disappointed about anything that, as you look back, could have turned out differently if you had used this recipe for success? I’d love to you hear thoughts, ideas and constructive criticism, please.

Thank you!


Tripsy South is the author of the novel WTF, Dorkus! Schoolin’ My Shrink On Teen Suicide. Trained in physics at a cool surfer university, she lives and plays in Los Angeles where she’s a freelance writer and editor.