Why Write A Novel About Teen Suicide?

Growing up a kid these days is the most challenging thing. We have so many distractions that compete for our limited attention, and we often go down dark roads when we can’t decide what to choose.

Mainstream media and news are some of the worst offenders: they lure us in with false promises and poisonous products and information. And we kids fall for it more often than not. It takes a strong and powerful human to resist such temptation, but somehow we manage.

Disgusted isn’t the term I would use to describe me feelings about all this.

Fucken fed up is more like it.

So, instead of crying and complaining about it, I wrote a teeny story that became a larger story that grew into a 310-page novel. I knew the message I wanted to convey from day one, and I built on that each day. For years.

It’s nearly impossible to reach every teen in the throes of suicidal behavior, but my hope is that I can reach at least one. And that this little book helps them to see that life is better than the alternative.

I love you all!